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H. E. Ambassador Jon Huntsman, American Ambassador to China

We look forward to, based in recent decade we built the really strong foundation, getting a better bilateral relations.

H. E. Ambassador Geoff Raby, Australian Ambassador to China

China today enjoys a very prosperous economy and a flourishing future, and I am confident that there will be even prosperous future in China.

H. E. Ambassador Patrick Nijs, Belgium Ambassador to China

It¡¯s a great occasion when the year china is celebrating its 60th anniversary of the foundation of People's Republic of China, and it¡¯s a unique occasion to witness and join in this great event.

H. E. Ambassador Georgi Peychinov, Bulgarian Ambassador to China

Both China and Bulgaria reformed well, and I wish continued growth toward this direction for China.

H. E. Ambassador Vitezslav Grepl, Czech Ambassador to China

Czechoslovakia was one of the first countries to recognize China and establish diplomatic relations with china.

H. E. Ambassador Jeppe Tranholm-Mikkelsen, Danish Ambassador to China

We believe that is the right for China to play a great role internationally, and we believe that china has a lot to offer.

H. E. Ambassador Rudolf Bekink, Dutch Ambassador to China

Special anniversary happens to go side with the Mid-autumn Festival, one of the important festivals in the Chinese millennium, associated with reunion and harmony. How perfectly it represent.

H. E. Ambassador Serge Abou, European Union Ambassador to China

I¡¯m happy to share with you my feeling of satisfaction on the eve of the 60th anniversary of People's Republic of China.

H. E. Ambassador Herv¨¦ Ladsous, French Ambassador to China

Warmest congratulations to China and we pay honor to the far-sight of Chairman Mao Zedong and General Charles de Gaulle.

H. E. Ambassador Sandor kusai, Hungarian Ambassador to China

I wish china will make more achievements in the future and the development of bilateral relations will go further.

H. E. Ambassador Courtenay Rattray, Jamaican Ambassador to China

Jamaica wishes continued growth and sustained achievements for China.

H. E. Ambassador Viorel Isticioaia, Romanian Ambassador to China

We wish China prosperous, peaceful, wealthy and powerful.

H. E. Ambassador Philippe Le Gall, Seychelles Ambassador to China

I believe that Africa and Seychelles¡¯s old friend China will have a brighter future.

H. E. Ambassador Mirhgani Mohamed Salih, Sudanese Ambassador to China

China and Sudan sustain friendly development and will expand the cooperation fields.

H. E. Ambassador Rocio Maneiro Gonzalez, Venezuelan Ambassador to China

I am delighted China made achievements in the past, and I am full of confidence to China¡¯s future.

Argentinean Ambassador to China

Everybody will marvel at the development and the achievements of China.

Brazilian Ambassador to China

We developed the Confucius Center in Brazil like the Research Center of Brazilian in China.

Cuban Ambassador to China

China has got great achievement during the 30 years of reform and opening up to the outside world. I¡¯d like to conclude the relationship between Cuba and China into one sentence, ¡°good comrades and brothers¡±.

Fijian Ambassador to China

It¡¯s amazing and admiring how fast china developed. Chinese government has made great contributions to the country, and China has been one of the most powerful countries in the world.

Icelandic Ambassador to China

The friendship between Iceland and China is so sincerely.

Indonesian Ambassador to China

Indonesia and China are good Strategic partners; the complementary cooperation in economy between these two countries benefits both of them.

Korean Ambassador to China

Since the establishment of diplomatic relationship between Korea and China, both countries have made great achievements in areas of society, economy and culture etc. during these 17 years.

Kuwaiti Ambassador to China

I admire the characters of the Chinese people which are very friendly and tolerant. happening in Beijing, it happening all of China.

Maldivian Ambassador to China

I think the best thing that I like about the Chinese culture is the friendship of Chinese people.

Mexican Ambassador to China

Under the leadership of the Communist Party, China shows its powerful solidarity and cohesiveness.

Omani Ambassador to China

I have been impressed by the hospitality of the Chinese people.

Pakistani Ambassador to China

The relationship between Pakistan and China is higher than the mountains and deeper than the deepest ocean.

Ambassador of Papua New Guinea to China

China is a challenging and yet an engaging country.

Couple of Romanian Ambassador to China

The leaders of China i.e. Chairman Mao, Zhou Enlai and Deng Xiaoping very concerned and valued the relationship between Romania and China.

Rwandan Ambassador to China

The relationships between Rwanda and China have been moving on very well since the establishment of diplomatic relations in 1971, as well as the cooperation and friendship.

Sri Lankan Ambassador to China

Chairman Hu Jintao said that the relationship between Sri Lanka and China is an example to the world.

Swiss Ambassador to China

The Chinese population has optimism and confidence in the future.

Tajikistan Ambassador to China

Great changes happened in China except the ambitions of the Chinese people.

Tanzania Ambassador to China

The Chinese culture to my opinion is a kind of family union, as well as the national cohesiveness, which impressed me most.

Thai Ambassador to China

The cooperation on economy and society between Thailand and China can be an excellent example of bilateral and international relationship.