With the great support of China Business Network (CBN) and World Travel Online, the South American Roadshow successfully took place in Guangzhou on 24th, Shanghai on 26th and Beijing on 28th October. At the first time, the South American Roadshow was jointly organized by INPROTUR, Chile Tourism Board, Proexport Colombia and Promperu , which put the huge enthusiasm and promotion in China and attracted the strong interests of over 500 Chinese tour operators and 45 Medias attended.    Details>>
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Argentina Instituto Nacional de Promociʫn Turʬstica

Argentina is a fascinating destination with rich tourism resources and hospitality people. You will be captivated by its spectacular natural attractions, authentic customs, kinds of exciting activities, typical cuisines, historical cultures and world heritages and the diversification of international meetings and events, etc.

Chinese website:http://www.argentinatravel.com.cn

Chile Tourism Board

With varied ecosystems, natural wonders, wide variety of landscapes and rich cultural heritages, as well as hundreds of places where travelers of all ages can enjoy nightlife, dine out and go shopping, Chile is the perfect destination for experiencing outdoor activities, doing business and enjoying unique getaways.

Chinese website:http://www.ChileTravel.cn

Proexport Colombia

Welcome to Colombia, a tropical country of incredible diversity and charm. Its ever-changing geography, a history loaded with mystery and adventure, its people and cultures, have fascinated the world for centuries.

Chinese website:http://lvyou168.cn/travel/colombia


Heir to ancient cultures and a rich colonial tradition, PerĘ▓ is a magical spot which involves one of the richest biodiversities of Earth, and is a melting pot of different cultures who together are forging the promise of a better future.

Chinese website:http://www.Peru.travel/cn

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