2019 Sharjah Tourism Roadshow was successfully held in China2019 Argentina Tourism Roadshow concluded successfully in Beijing
Promotional Events
Successfully and cost effectively reaching the vast and still fast developing Chinese market
With rich experience and amazing results achieved in organizing PR & marketing activities for destination promotion authorities and other organisations and commercial companies both in China and overseas China Business Network (CBN) and World Travel Online (WTO) are best equipped to provide complete value-added services that include the most cost effective E-marketing, organising attendance of most appropriate exhibitions, Fam trips, PR Events, Special Campaigns as well as innovative Webinars for both tourism and investment promotion authorities as well as companies that wish to reach the fast developing Chinese market in the most cost effective way. All the activities and events we undertook achieved tremendous results as measured by the increased awareness of the destinations, brand preconisation as well as tangible inquiries or arrivals of Chinese visitors with as high as 81% increase within six months as confirmed by Croatian Ministry of Tourism.